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Batch upload projects do not always show up in my edit history or contribute to my edit count. Some were previously farmed out to Faebot using my own script, but more recent uploads use tools such as GWToolset or my own uploading and intelligent categorization methods such as using the Flickr API or special Pywikibot scripts relying on session cookies, API keys, browser automation or unique site access headers. Larger collections of interest include:

  • c.120,000 photographs as part of Airliners project, amateur photographs of aircraft.
    After my unpaid volunteer project colleague Russavia was banned by Office action (not an action by elected users) with no possible process for appeal, and no reasons given either to the Wikimedia community or to Russavia, I have had little choice but to abandon the Airliners Commons content creation project. As the Wikimedia Foundation have firmly refused to explain what records they hold about me (having previously seen a report about me by Foundation employees for the CEO), there can be no doubt that the Foundation has secretly researched me, in the same way as they have done for Russavia, and that like a form of unelected secret police funded by charity money, Foundation employees refuse to answer any questions about their reports (refer to published email from Foundation Legal). A bizarre and unethical way to behave for an organization that prides itself on transparency when politically lobbying against internet surveillance by Government agencies.

I do some digital restorations. A few examples are categorized under Category:Digital restorations by Fæ.