Diversity Statements

The ASM diversity statements provide unwavering guidance for equity and inclusion efforts and mandate leaders’ and members’ behavior and practice, ultimately positioning the microbial sciences as one of the most inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible and accountable fields in STEM.
  • ASM exemplifies inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA) in the microbial sciences.
  • In practice, ASM works to create a diverse community and a culture of inclusion where all staff, volunteers, members and the community are respected, treated fairly and provided opportunities to develop professionally and excel in their chosen career pathway.

Attendees hold the Puerto Rican flag at an ASM Microbe 2019 reception.
Attendees hold the Puerto Rican flag at an ASM Microbe 2019 reception.

ASM's IDEAA Strategy Roadmap

Over the last year the interim IDEAA Committee members have identified a list of key priorities that will be used to guide ASM's DEI strategy in 2022 and beyond.

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Guiding Principles

ASM’s guiding principles provide unwavering guidance for equity and inclusion efforts and serve to communicate core values:

Guiding Principle Diversity Is an Asset

A diverse ASM enhances the microbial sciences, increases innovation, strengthens the community and sustains the profession.

Guiding Principle Diverse Leadership

ASM empowers individuals with diverse perspectives in decision-making processes.

Guiding Principle Transparency

ASM ensures equitable access and accountability through transparent procedures and communication.

Guiding Principle Community Building

ASM attracts, supports and develops the community, ensuring that all are empowered and engaged in the work of the organization.

Read ASM's DEI Taskforce Report

An essential part of ASM's mission is to embrace diversity in the STEM community. ASM’s Board is proud to share the findings of the ASM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Taskforce, which was formed at the request of ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi in June 2018 to assess the current landscape and make recommendations to build a culture of inclusion. The taskforce presented its findings at ASM’s December 2020 board meeting.

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What ASM Is Doing

While ASM looks to the future, we will also continue taking actions that reflect and advance our vision of a more diverse scientific association. The initiatives and programs below represent some of ASM’s recent activities.

Hosting the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)

The first ABRCMS hosted by ASM in 2001, was founded to encourage minority, first-generation, veteran and disabled students to pursue higher education in STEM. Today, ABRCMS is one of the largest professional conferences for underrepresented students.

Supporting the Black Microbiologists Association (BMA)

ASM is a proud partner of the Black Microbiologists Association (BMA). BMA's mission is to support the collective work of pursuing equity in academia, industry, government and beyond through advocacy, professional development, science communication and outreach. Specifically, BMA will advocate on the behalf of Black microbiologists in all spheres of professional life. 

Providing an anonymous reporting tool for Ethics & IDEAA.

The American Society For Microbiology Ethics, IDEAA and Compliance hotline is provided to staff, members, event attendees, vendors and the public for the anonymous reporting of concerns, complaints and/or unethical events.

Student presenting a poster at ABRCMS 2017.
Student presenting a poster at ABRCMS 2017.

Additional DEI/IDEAA Activities

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